Do It Youself

As the November 15th, 2017 CMS emergency preparedness deadline approaches, we here at Connect Consulting Services want to do all we can to make sure your healthcare organization has the tools to maintain CMS emergency preparedness compliance! We are currently offering a free assessment of your emergency preparedness plan to ensure you aren’t left behind and penalized.

Connect Consulting Services takes a holistic approach to emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. We support our clients to prepare for, learn the skills to respond to, and recover from disaster through our customized and effective emergency preparedness planning, training, and exercise services.

With the DO IT YOURSELF option, we give you access to a 12-step assessment tool that uncovers the areas that your facility is not compliant with the CMS emergency preparedness requirements. Once you complete this assessment, you will understand the gaps in your planning, training, and exercise plans. We then guide you to the resources needed to self-correct those areas and be prepared for the November 15th deadline! With the Do It Yourself option, Connect Consulting Services, provides you with the tools and planning templates to meet all four emergency preparedness requirements on time and done right.

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With the DO IT FOR YOU option, we conduct a thorough assessment of your current emergency preparedness program and plans.


With the DO IT WITH YOU option, we walk through an assessment of your current plans and identify any gaps where your facility doesn’t comply with the new CMS emergency preparedness requirements.


We believe emergency preparedness is a continuum and we are ready to stand by throughout the entire preparation and recovery processes. Ready to get started? It’s never too early to be prepared. Contact us today for an initial consultation and to take the first step in getting prepared.